New Version of Aeromotives Phantom Stealth Fuel System Now Available at Summit Racing Equipment

Tallmadge, OH (PRWEB) March 03, 2014

The Aeromotive Phantom Stealth Fuel System is now available in two versions: the original Phantom 340 with a 340 lph/90 psi pump that supports up to 1,000 horsepower, and the new Phantom 200 with a 200 lph/90 psi pump that supports up to 750 horsepower.

The Phantom Stealth Fuel System is the first true drop-in fuel pump assembly. It fits virtually any vehicle’s existing fuel tank—no expensive custom tank or fuel cell needed. By putting the fuel pump in the tank, you virtually eliminate issues like cavitation and vapor lock because the pump is constantly submerged in cool fuel. Plus, the baffle/basket controls fuel slosh by keeping fuel at the pickup point (the pump) at all times.

Aeromotive made the Phantom Stealth Fuel System modular—It can be cut to height to fit almost any tank, even ones as shallow as six inches in depth. That means it works with factory fuel tanks or reproduction tanks to retain that stock look and keep cost down. You can use the Phantom Stealth with either EFI or carburetion simply by using the appropriate fuel pressure regulator. And because it uses a return-style fuel system, it’s ideal for EFI engine swaps in musclecars, hot rods, and classic trucks.


Stealth Fuel Pump in 340 and 200 lph (free flow rate) versions
Black anodized hanger assembly
Three -6 AN ports (supply, return, vent)
Fuel resistant baffle/basket with foam and bladder
Universal high flow pre-pump filter
Turbine pump mechanism increases durability
Must be used with a return-style system

Enthusiasts can see how the Phantom Stealth works in this video. It graphically displays the advantages of putting an electric fuel pump in the tank—and how powerful the Stealth system is.


Summit Racing Equipment


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Classic Lot Walkaround Classics Cars For Sale Cheap Deals Video This is a walk around video of my main lot that I haven’t done for awhile so I figured I would do. It was a rainy day but I just had to get this done. I got it pretty cleaned out as you can see. I am trying to get rid of some cars so I am dropping prices and trying to move some cars. Make sure and check out the full videos of the cars I have links in the video. Let me know if you see anything that you are interested in and I will make you a great deal on it. I have some cool rare stuff at this lot as you can tell. Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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The 4th Sydney Antique and Classic Truck Show – Truckstop TV

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Featuring the ‘Indian Pacific’, an Australian cab 1970 Oshkosh. The Tamiya RC Semi Trucks NSW display along with a LW924 Kenworth plus much more!

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My Classic Car Season 9 Episode 8 – Porsche Collection

My Classic Car Season 9 Episode 8 - Porsche Collection

This week on My Classic Car, join Dennis Gage and the crew as they travel to Dayton, Ohio to show you one of the most fabulous collections of Porsche automobiles that has ever been assembled. Ashley Sangster from Classic Industries joins Dennis to show us the latest options for lights, lenses, and bezels for GM cars.

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Eastwood Launches New Maxx Power Tri-Flow Aluminum Radiators that Reduce Engine Temperatures up to 24F

Pottstown, PA (PRWEB) March 09, 2015

The Eastwood Company, innovators of do-it-yourself automotive restoration tools and supplies, has just introduced a new line of Maxx Power Tri-Flow Aluminum Radiators that reduce engine water temperatures up to 24F. The line consists of three universal mount radiators that pass coolant through the radiator core two times more than conventional radiators. This provides two additional passes in front of the cooling fan which results in additional cooling.

Overheating is a common issue on engines with power adders, when running a stock cooling system. Aftermarket aluminum radiators help with overheating, but may not solve the problem. “Eastwood’s new Maxx Power Tri-Flow Radiators are the best we’ve tested” said Mark Robidoux, Eastwood’s Lead Product Developer. “We had an independent lab test the Tri-Flow Radiators on LS engines and their results backed our findings – up to 24F temperature drops. If you plan the route in your classic car based on traffic lights and stop signs, you need a Tri-Flow Radiator.”

Eastwood offers three sizes of Tri-Flow Radiators to fit most muscle cars and street rods – 19″H x 22″W x 2.2″D, 19″H x 25.5″W x 2.2″D, and 19″H x 27.5W x 2.2D. The universal design with mount tabs welded to each tank and a traditional upper 1.5 inch inlet installed on the driver side and lower 1.75 inch outlet on the passenger side make this ideal for muscle cars, street rods, pro touring, and more. It also has 1/4 inch NPT welded bungs with Stainless Steel plugs, one located in the bottom driver side tank for a drain and the other under the radiator cap frame for an LS steam port or temp sensor for electric fan controller. Fully TIG welded 6061 aluminum tanks and core assure long life and leak free seams.

In addition to the new radiators, Eastwood is offering aluminum shrouds, Derale electric fans, transmission coolers and fan controllers. The aluminum shrouds feature a hardware-less mounting design for a full custom look.

Eastwood markets unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as for home and garage DIYers. Founded in 1978, Eastwood strives to develop new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and customization of automobiles and motorcycles. For more information or for hi-res photos, please contact Nick Capinski at ncapinski(AT)eastwood,com or (610) 705-5404.

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Classic Truck Parts in Preowned Condition Discounted for U.S. Sales by Components Retailer

Midland, TX (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Owners of vintage trucks can now shop the Auto Pros USA website to receive better discounts for replacement components. All classic truck parts in preowned condition are now under new discount pricing terms at

The search finder programmed on the homepage can be used to discover the new structures of pricing. The vintage parts price drop is now applied to the Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Jeep, Toyota and other truck brands popular in the U.S. market from 1975 to 1990.

“The prices for used pickup truck parts that are now lowered through our inventory is one example of consumer incentives created this year,” said an Auto Pros source.

The preowned inventory of parts that is now actively available through the company inventory now includes more American automaker brands. The automobile accessories that have been acquired for placement in the company warehouse this year features more late model parts.

“Owners of vehicles not purchasing vintage units can browse the late model inventory that is promoted through our auto inventory finder on the homepage,” said the source.

The Auto Pros USA company has added more partners in the industry to its supply network to cover more shipments this year. Parts that represent every state in the country are now fulfilling the distribution of ordered parts through the company website.


The company is continuing to support American consumers with easy ways to locate pricing and other information for used condition automotive parts. The portal now in place by this company utilizes a programmed tool for introducing price data to consumers. The company website is now featuring nearly 1000 pages of parts content and other information that can be useful to a person who is conducting research for different brands of motor vehicle components. The company customer support team is now providing phone support to consumers who research offline.

Check Out the Newest Tech Stories and Videos at Summit Racing Equipment’s OnAllCylinders Blog

Tallmadge, OH (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

The tireless bloggers at Summit Racing’s OnAllCylinders have added lots of new parts installation stories, how-to videos, tech tips, and tech Q&A. Check out the latest tech from manufacturers and some of the top men in the performance biz—guys like Jeff Smith, John Gilbert, Jim Brightly, and Steve Baur.


Street rod and classic truck veteran John Gilbert goes back to school—Riverside, California City College’s auto body program, to be exact—to help the students lay down a classic satin black finish on a Dodge D-100 using Auto Air Colors and Summit Racing paint products.


The OnAllCylinders staff put together this video to show diesel enthusiasts how to improve performance, towing capability, and fuel mileage with a cold air intake, exhaust system, and a performance tuner—and for a very affordable price.


Steve Baur may be a Mustang guy, but he knows a thing or two about turbocharged tuner cars. He’ll show you how to optimize the performance potential of the awesome Subaru WRX with MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Kit, an Injen Catted Downpipe, and a K&N Typhoon Series Cold Air Intake.


Summit Racing now offers the world’s first supercharger systems for Jeep Wrangler JKs from RIPP Superchargers. These systems boost the power output of the rather anemic 3.8L and 3.6L V6s found under the JK’s hood that nearly equal the popular 5.7L Hemi swap—and for a lot less cash.


Everybody’s favorite hot rodder, Jeff Smith, shows you how easy it is to convert a GM 12-bolt rear axle to rear disc brakes with a Summit Racing Rear Disc Brake Conversion. The kit is a great way to upgrade from those dusty old drum brakes and improve stopping performance for an affordable price. What’s not to like?

The OnAllCylinders staff is always adding tech and how-to articles, so it pays to visit the blog often to see the latest stories and videos. Also, make time to check out the entire tech library as well as the event coverage, racing news, car features, and other gearhead fun.


Summit Racing Equipment


Muscle Car Suspension Upgrade on a Pontiac LeMans! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 6

Muscle Car Suspension Upgrade on a Pontiac LeMans! - Hot Rod Garage Ep. 6

On this episode of Hot Rod Garage Presented by Lincoln Tech, we turn a lowridin’ 1965 Pontiac LeMans into a corner-carving muscle car with a budget-minded suspension system, a quick-ratio steering box, and disc brakes. Classic Performance Products supply the parts, which bolt in place and result in dramatic improvements to the handling of Hot Rod Magazine staffer Brandan Gilllogly’s car.

Once the LeMans is sorted we work on our 1973 Chevy Ramp Truck during a Dickies Roadkill Project Car Update. The electrical system has seen better days and so we play detective to trace a battery drain and replace both batteries with new units from AC Delco. We wrap up this episode with a question and answer session with Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger as they ponder the mysteries of the universe and cars in general.

HOT ROD Garage appears every fourth Thursday on the Motor Trend channel.

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